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STS-41B McCandless-Signed EVA Canvas
STS-41B McCandless-Signed EVA Canvas

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Lot 23: STS-41B McCandless-Signed EVA Canvas

This canvas print, measuring approx. 24 x 31", is a reproduction of the famous photo of astronaut Bruce McCandless performing the first ever un-tethered spacewalk during the 1984 STS-41B mission.

McCandless has signed the canvas exclusively for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, additionally inscribing "STS 41 B" and "February 7, 1984" as well as his quote from his spacewalk: "That may have been 'one small step' for Neil, but it's a heck of a big leap for me!"

A certificate of authenticity signed by Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Executive Director Tammy Knowles accompanies this lot.

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