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Lot 3: Hike with Loren Shriver in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hike with Loren Shriver in Rocky Mountain National Park


Ready to experience some serious mountains? Here is your chance to hike in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country: Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). Located in Northern Colorado, RMNP offers a wide range of potential hikes, depending on your appetite for length, terrain, and difficulty (altitude gain). You and up to three (3) guests will join Space Shuttle astronaut Loren Shriver for two "day hikes" on two successive days, on the east side of the Continental Divide. Shriver is willing to select these hikes based on the difficulty level desired by the hikers. Prospective hikers should realize that a majority of hikes that start from trailheads in RMNP would begin at altitudes around 7500 to 9500 feet and go higher during the hike.

Because of the altitudes encountered, Shriver suggests that hikers arrive in the Estes Park area at least a full day ahead of the hikes to promote some acclimation to the higher altitudes. Estes Park is a year-round resort area, so there are many other activities to enjoy for a day or two! Shriver will coordinate with the hikers as necessary to talk about appropriate equipment and clothing needed, depending on the season and destination of the hikes, but as a minimum, a pair of appropriate, well "worn in" hiking boots/socks will help make the experience more enjoyable. A trail lunch will be provided. Shriver's philosophy is that hiking in RMNP is an athletic event, so preparation is recommended!

Selected by NASA in 1978, Shriver served as Pilot of Discovery during STS-51C in 1985; as Commander of Discovery during STS-31 in 1990; and as Commander of Atlantis during STS-46 in 1992. He has logged more than 386 total hours in space.

Transportation to and from this experience and accommodations are not included. The actual date of the experience, not to exceed one year after the close of the auction, will be determined by the above astronaut's schedule.

ASF reserves the right to disqualify the high bidder, to reject the high bid, and to accept a bid from a lower bidder, for any reason within their discretion, which shall be exercised in good faith. The winning bidder of this experience may be required to submit proof of identity and be subject to a background check. Hold harmless agreement required.

Bid History

Bidding on this lot concluded on September 25, 2015 at 09:00 PM EDT.

Bidders: 2 Bids: 9 Winning Bid: $1876

Bidder Bid Time Bid Amount (USD)
117 2015 Sep 26 00:13:28 GMT $1876
202 2015 Sep 26 00:58:42 GMT $1776
117 2015 Sep 26 00:13:28 GMT $1450
117 2015 Sep 25 16:00:17 GMT $1450
202 2015 Sep 25 23:27:23 GMT $1350
117 2015 Sep 25 16:00:17 GMT $1200
202 2015 Sep 25 23:26:33 GMT $1100
117 2015 Sep 25 16:00:17 GMT $1000
117 2015 Sep 20 15:48:20 GMT $1000