Forging the Future


The legacy of every American astronaut is carried on through each Astronaut Scholar awarded this prestigious scholarship. Astronauts have made significant impacts on our world and that heritage is continuing through the great contributions and innovations of the Astronaut Scholars. As an organization founded by greatness, we will continue to hold that honor high and represent all American astronauts as they forged and continue to forge past barriers to give the United States the cutting edge in science and technology.


A - C
Jim Buchli 

Jay Buckey, M.D.

John Bull 

Daniel Burbank  

Daniel Bursch 

Robert Cabana 

Yvonne Cagle, M.D.

Fernando Caldeiro 

Tracy Caldwell Dyson 

Charles Camarda 

Kenneth Cameron 

Zena Cardman 

Duane Carey 

Scott Carpenter 

Gerald Carr 

Sonny Carter, M.D.

John Casper 

Josh Cassada 

Christopher Cassidy 

Robert Cenker 

Eugene Cernan 

Roger Chaffee 

Gregory Chamitoff 

Franklin Chang-Diaz 

Philip Chapman 

Raja Chari 

Kalpana Chawla 

Leroy Chiao 

Kevin Chilton 

Laurel Clark, M.D.

Mary Cleave 

Michael Clifford 

Michael Coats 

Kenneth Cockrell 

Catherine Coleman 

Eileen Collins 

Michael Collins 

Pete Conrad 

Gordon Cooper 

Richard Covey 

Timothy Creamer 

John Creighton 

Robert Crippen 

Roger Crouch 

Frank Culbertson, Jr.

Walter Cunningham 

Robert Curbeam 

Nancy Currie 

Hall of Fame Members