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André Boulet

Managing Director of AX Space Engineering Services
President of V3 Consulting Engineering

Areas of Expertise
Entrepreneurship, Starting a Small Business, Small Business and Technology Certifications, Venture Capital Pitch Competitions, Grants, Patents, Intellectual Property Protection, SBIR, Technology Development, Corporate and Strategic Partnerships

Mr. André Boulet is an internationally recognized technology innovator and expert in the field of process development with over 20 years of specialized experience. He is an inventor of several advanced process technologies and is cited on more than 30 patents and applications.

André is a serial entrepreneur and has dedicated his career to solving some of the most challenging issues facing human kind including developing carbon capture technology and renewable and sustainable energy technologies. André has a wide range of expertise ranging from technology development, Intellectual Property strategy, venture capital financing, corporate and strategic partnerships, and commercial contracts among others.

He founded and is managing director of AX Space Engineering Services, a company focused on technology development and consulting for advanced space systems. He is also President of V3 Consulting Engineering, which focuses on technology development for the energy and environmental industries.

André previously founded and built Inventys, a carbon capture company, and led the organization as Chairman and CEO for 9 years. His other previous roles included leading the development of a non-catalytic diesel reformer for the productions of syn-gas, developing technologies ranging from Fuel cells, refinery integration and optimization, H2 production and storage, industrial and medical oxygen production, advanced power cycles for Gas Turbines, and pre-processing for LNG production.

He is actively involved in advisory roles related to the de-carbonization of industries as well as the development of energy technology such as bio-mass conversion to renewable natural gas and the conversion of CO2 to bio-plastics and sugars.

André holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia along with a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Dalhousie University.

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