2011 Astronaut Autograph Club



Become “lost in space” as you receive firsthand accounts of astronaut adventures written personally to you as part of the 2011 Astronaut Autograph Club (AAC)! Join this limited-edition club today and you’ll receive an astronaut-signed photograph accompanied by a personalized letter from heroes every month of the year. It’s the perfect gift for the space fan in your life — or for yourself!

2011 AAC Participants:

    • Rich Clifford, STS-53, STS-59, STS-76
    • Roger Crouch, STS-83, STS-94
    • Charlie Duke, Apollo 16
    • Guy Gardner, STS-27, STS-35
    • Fred Haise, Apollo 13
    • Steve Hawley, STS-41D, STS-61C, STS-31, STS-82, STS-93
    • Joe Kerwin, Skylab 2
    • Susan Kilrain, STS-83, STS-94
    • Dave Leestma, STS-41G, STS-28, STS-45
    • Barbara Morgan, STS-118
    • Scott Parazynski, STS-66, STS-86, STS-95, STS-100, STS-120
    • Joe Tanner, STS-66, STS-82, STS-97, STS-115


This exclusive club entitles you to a certificate of membership, archival photo box with protective sleeves, twelve 8″ x 10″ authentic autographed photos and twelve personalized letters from your astronaut pen pals. This incredible collection makes an instant heirloom ready to be passed from one generation to the next.

Membership is only $599. The club is limited to just 350 members..

Each autographed item is unique and the signatures on the items you receive may differ slightly from those on the examples shown here.