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The Mercury capsule transported 6 ( of the 7) Mercury 7 Astronauts into space. Each capsule was named by the astronaut who flew in it. These personalized epithets reflect the honor and respect each of these space pioneers had for the Mercury space program, for humanity and for one another.

Freedom 7 – launched May 5,1961 (Alan Shepard) – The first American to fly int space, Shepard set the precedence for the astronauts naming their capsules, following the tradition of pilots naming their planes.

Liberty Bell 7 – launched July 21,1961 (Gus Grisson) – Named for the bell shape of the capsule and the freedom of being an American and the opportunity to explore the heavens.

Friendship 7 – launched February 20,1962 (John Glenn) – A nod of respect and honor toward his fellow Mercury Astronauts.
Aurora 7 – launched May 24,1962 (Scott Carpenter) – The Mercury Space program was benefiting all humanity, shining bright as a beacon of light in the heavens, the dawn of a new age.

Sigma 7 – launched October 3,1962 (Wally Schirra) – Named after the Greek letter Σ used in engineering and mathematics to symbolize summation; he wanted to honor the summation of work completed by thousands of NASA engineers and scientists that made Project Mercury a reality.

Faith 7 – launched May 15,1963 (Gordon Cooper) – This expression of faith encompassed the faith he had in his fellow astronauts, space workers, spaceflight itself, and God.

We are forever thankful and will always honor our ASF founders, the Mercury 7 Astronauts, for their incredible bravery and pioneering spirit.

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