Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Created By The Mercury 7 Astronauts

Mentor Program

Join other companies that are lending their expertise in mentoring our Astronaut scholars:
Georgia Tech University Joi Scientific
GeoControl Systems Lockheed Martin
Intuitive Machines Engility
Jacobs Technology Vencore

Program Overview

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) awards scholarships to the best and brightest STEM students in the nation, however the transition from school to a professional career is often a rocky one.  These great minds and vast talent could possibly go to waste if the right career paths are not found or doors are not opened. To help with the transition from student to professional, ASF has launched the Mentor Program.

ASF’s pool of supporters overflows with astronauts, successful business and industry leaders, as well as student peer groups, who have successfully launched their life’s quest into the professional realm and are eager to mentor others. The insight passed from mentor to mentee will propel these scholars in the right direction to fully recognize and utilize their world-changing potential.

The structure of the Mentor Program is based on the sharing of knowledge and wisdom in order to promote successful researchers, professionals and world changers. Age and experience fuel the mentor in advising and steering the up-and-coming professional with knowledge and wisdom that only time and past experience can provide. Through this program, we offer the opportunity to build peer support, friendships and guidance to help the students transition into the workforce or navigate their next career steps.

Once introductions are made, the mentor and mentee communicate at a minimum of monthly for one year, as guidance is offered by the “seasoned” executive, astronaut or astronaut scholar alumnus to the mentee.

While the initial impact of the Astronaut Scholarship is a monetary award, the ongoing benefits continue well into the scholars careers and beyond as contacts are made, professional pathways followed and successes are reached.  This cycle will self-perpetuate as the scholars/mentees pay forward/give back and transition to become mentors themselves.


Why Engage in this Program?

This is your opportunity to create a relationship with ASF scholars, the best and the brightest, in their respective fields of study. You will have the opportunity to recruit promising students, support STEM education and to ensure your company’s development in the future. Access and awareness, in recruiting, are two of the most elusive pieces and now you will have both with this program. This is a win/win for all involved.


Impact and Outcomes of the Program



Mentor Expectations


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact or 407-403-5907.