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Innovators WEEK & Gala

Join us as we welcome the 2024 Class of Astronaut Scholars and honor the 2024 Neil Armstrong
Award of Excellence Recipient during Innovators Week & Gala. More info coming soon!


The Innovators Week & Gala celebrates and awards the new class of Astronaut Scholars, the Innovators of Tomorrow. Additionally, the Neil Armstrong Award of Excellence is presented to an Astronaut Scholar Alum who exemplifies personal character, professional achievement and impact in their field. These criteria embody Neil Armstrong's core values and those of his colleagues, including the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle and International Space Station astronauts.

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    2024 Event Details Coming Soon!

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Astronaut Scholar Technical Conference

Join us virtually as the 2024 Astronaut Scholars present their groundbreaking research during this informative event, showcasing the incredible discoveries and innovations our Astronaut Scholars are making in their respective fields.

The 2024 Astronaut Scholar Technical Conference is made possible by the Michael Collins Family Professional Development Program.

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For more information about the Innovators Gala, contact us at +1 407-362-7900 or events@astronautscholarship.org.


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