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Neil Armstrong™ Award of Excellence

Through a partnership with The Purdue Research Foundation, the Armstrong Family and Neil Armstrong’s friend, Jim Hays, ASF recognizes an Astronaut Scholar Alum who exemplifies personal character and professional achievement, and their work leaves an impact in their field. The nominating criteria embody Neil Armstrong’s core values and those of his colleagues, the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle and International Space Station astronauts.

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation is thrilled to announce Adam Weber as the 2024 Neil Armstrong™ Award of Excellence recipient.

Dr. Weber is a senior scientist and group leader at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He has been instrumental in progressing the science and understanding of electrochemical energy-conversion technologies, including hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers, CO2 reduction, flow batteries and solar-fuel generators. He has received several awards, including the prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the 2023 DOE Fuel Cell Achievement Award, the R&D 100 Award for microelectrode diagnostics and the Charles W. Tobias Young Investigator Award of the Electrochemical Society. He was also selected as a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society in 2018. Currently, Dr. Weber is the CTO of a multi-billion dollar CA DOE Hydrogen Hub entitled the Alliance for Renewable, Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems (ARCHES), the co-director of the applied R&D Million Mile Fuel Cell Truck (M2FCT) consortium and director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Earthshot Research Center: Center for Ionomer-based Water Electrolysis (CIWE) focused on fundamental science aspects of water electrolysis.

A 1998 Astronaut Scholar, Dr. Weber graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering. He earned his doctorate in chemical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley in 2004. Dr. Weber has published over 230 peer-reviewed journal articles, 5 patents and 11 book chapters.

“To be recognized for embodying the values of character and professional achievement espoused by Neil Armstrong and his fellow space pioneers is truly humbling,” said Dr. Weber. “This prestigious award serves as a reminder of the profound impact mentorship and science and engineering can have in shaping the trajectory and betterment of our lives and careers. As Neil Armstrong inspired generations through his historic lunar footsteps, I am committed to paying forward this legacy by fostering the next wave of explorers and innovators into ushering in a decarbonized future through collaboration and a team science ethos.”

The Neil Armstrong™ Award of Excellence was established in 2016 through a partnership with the Purdue Research Foundation, the Armstrong family and Jim Hays, a friend of Neil Armstrong. Intended to pay tribute to the legacy of Armstrong and his fellow space explorers, this honor is bestowed upon a former Astronaut Scholar who mirrors the core values of character and professional achievement of its namesake. Jones will be presented with his award during the 2024 Innovators Gala on August 17, in Houston, TX.

Learn More: Click to read the July 2, 2024 Press Release announcing Adam Weber as the 2024 Neil Armstrong™ Award of Excellence recipient.

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